2022 Alaska Native Case Law Update

Published 12/8/2022. Modified 09/19/2023.

For the past 20 years, attorneys at Landye Bennett Blumstein have presented the Alaska Native Case Law Update at the Alaska Bar Association’s annual Alaska Native Law Conference. The Update provides summaries and analysis of important cases from the past year that are of particular interest to Alaska Native Corporations and Alaska Tribes. The cases and discussion at the Conference provide an opportunity to track developments in Alaska Native law from year to year and to examine legal developments in a broad range of practice areas, from torts and property law to civil and criminal procedure.

This year, Andy Erickson presented the case summaries at the 38th Annual Alaska Native Law Conference on November 17, 2022 in Anchorage. The cases are organized into six categories: Lands and Property Cases, CINA and ICWA Cases, Corporate Governance Cases, Tribal Sovereignty Cases, and Other Cases. Most of the cases are final decisions or dispositive rulings that have been issued since November 2021 and that have some importance to Alaska practitioners.

Read the full 2022 Alaska Native Case Law Update.